Rick Shoup Obituary

Obituary for Former EAA Chapter President Mr. Rick Shoup

The chapter was informed that Rick Shoup passed away last week. He was our EAA Chapter 1031 President for many years before David Ames took over (who was President prior to our current President John Munroe). So, many of you will not know Rick.

Rick was a long time aviator and flew Cessna L-19 Bird Dogs in Vietnam. In 2016 Rick flew to Italy where a guy (with Rick's permission) restored a Bird Dog to look exactly like the one Rick flew in Vietnam, the "Mekong Mauler". I have attached some pictures of Rick (proudly wearing a EAA Chapter 1031 T-shirt) with "his" Bird Dog in Italy. One time Rick opened up about his time flying Bird Dogs low and slow over the jungle of Vietnam where people with small arms would be shooting at him. It took a lot of courage to go out every day to fly the missions. He was shot down twice and ended up in the ocean once. He spent a whole night floating in the ocean wondering what else was swimming close to him. In his own words: "when morning came, I didn't care anymore who would fish me out of the water". Luckily for him, some friendlies fished him out and he returned to base. Just to climb back into another Bird Dog to do it all over again. As far as I am concerned, it takes a special kind of man to do this for our country.

Rick, rest in peace and god be with you.

In behalf of EAA Chapter 1031,


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