Shenandoah EAA Chapter 1031 Lucky Lindy Dice Flight

May 21, 2022, Rain Date May 28th Start time 9:00 am

Charles Linbergh landed in Paris on this day in 1927. Celebrate the day with your airplane and maybe you will be lucky too!

Participating airports are LKU, CJR, EZF, RMN, OKV, LUA, SHD, and FRR

You will be able to purchase entry forms at LKU, RMN, OKV, and LUA, so one of these must be your first stop. Each game sheet will be $5 or 5 sheets for $20. Purchase as many as you like. Cash only, exact amount. You will roll 2 dice for each game sheet you buy.

Passengers are welcome to play.

You can fly to up to a total of 5 airports in any order. Participants will roll 2 dice per game sheet, one sheet at a time. You will select your game sheet and then roll the dice, not the other way around 🙂 Record your total. Game sheets must be turned in at FRR by 5:00 pm

Highest total will win the game. 50% of the collected entry fees will go to the winner, or be split in the case of a tie. The other 50% will go to EAA Chapter 1031.

There will be a special prize if your dice total equals the sum of your planes tail number times two.

Winners will be notified, and mailed a check.

If the event needs to be canceled due to weather, all airports will be notified, it will be posted on the EAA Chapter 1031 website and the Friends of Front Royal Facebook Page. Additionally, EAA 1031 Chapter members will be notified via email.

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