Tom Garner

Van's RV-8A Tom Garner

Tom is a retired American Airlines pilot who started his flying career in the U.S. Marines flying A-4 Skyhawks in the '50's.

One day last summer, he was walking around Front Royal airport looking for some information about the glider folks there and happened to wander into Bob Metcalfe & John Ely's hanger. His big mistake was to start asking questions about RV's. John took him for a ride and it happened again - another RV was born.

After doing a bit of investigation, Tom settled on the RV-8A design. He says that he has flown enough planes with that third wheel on the front as well as those with it on the back and he knows he wants it on the front (sigh.....)

Well, with an ex-Navy RV-6 (Jim Nesheim), an ex-Air Force RV-6 (Bob Metcalfe), and an ex-Marine RV-8A (Tom Garner) the rest of us should be able to sit back and watch the inter-service rivalries fly (literally). Tom already got the ball rolling by telling me (with a wink and a grin), in Jim's presence that only the top "cream of the cream" of the class gets taken into the Marines - the rest go to the Navy. Let's see who takes the next shot.

Tom's glorious shop with empennage well along

Another view of the huge heated workshop! Homebuilder's all over the world would fly nosedraggers (for a while) just to get to build here! Good Luck, Tom!

Update as of December 11, 2001: Working on cockpit area of fuselage.

Update as of December 31, 2001: Horizontal and vertical stabilizers mounted.

Update as of March 22, 2002: Both wings finished !.

Update as of Late April, 2002

Wings mounted temporarily.

Do you hear airplane noises?

Ailerons ready to mount

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