Jim Shipe

Jim Shipe's Osprey 2 Project

Edited by Juergen Nies

First the project had to move from Florida to Wichester, VA. Here is the E-mail I receivd from Jim and a picture. We look forward to future updates about this project.

"Attached is a picture of me driving it back from FL. It is in my shop now. It had to be tilted to stay within the highway width limits. The seller was really good to help me load it." The inside of the motor home was loaded with parts, including the wings.

Jim also mentioned that at every time he stopped somewhere people came up to him asking what "that" was. Must have been a fun trip.

We are sure this caused rubber necking more than once between Florida and Winchester, Virginia

We look forward getting updates on this project with many more pictures. For information about this aircraft click on this link: Osprey 2 Info .

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