Bob Jacobs

RV-4, N91AB RV-4, N91AB was built from July 1989 thru April of 1991. This was my first home built project I ever build. It took 2900 hours to build, but I had a great deal of help from fellow pilots and home builders. My good friend Al Stumbough put in over 1000...

John Ely

Currently painted and on the stages of final systems installation.


Van's RV-6 N97JE

John Ely

My project, began the day (Fall 1993)that Bob...

1960 PA22/20-150 Serial No. 22-7282 Piper Pacer N3342Z

Juergen Nies

N3342Z started its life on January 18, 1960 in Lock Haven Pennsylvania as a PA22-150 (Tri-Pacer). J. W. McNury (Assistant Chief Engineer Piper Aircraft Corporation) signed the log bock.

Until November 197...

Dave Ames' Helicycle Project Current Date: 1/5/2016

Since I built a Bensen B8M Gyrocopter after graduating from college, I had always wanted to build a helicopter. Since family and career seemed to always come first, my wishes to build a helicopter were delayed some 37 years until I retired in 2...

Bob Metcalfe's projects

The Resurrection of Luscombe # 1936

A 1945 Antique Classic Airplane

Part 1. Restoration, the easy task

This process started about six years ago when I had the bright idea that I wanted to restore an antique or classic airplane. No, I did not need another airplane in...

Jim Shipe's Osprey 2 Project

Edited by Juergen Nies

First the project had to move from Florida to Wichester, VA. Here is the E-mail I receivd from Jim and a picture. We look forward to future updates about this project.

"Attached is a picture of me driving it back from FL. It is in my shop now...

Here are some photos of chapter member Chuck Calvi's Bearhawk LSA build.

Van's RV-8A Tom Garner

Tom is a retired American Airlines pilot who started his flying career in the U.S. Marines flying A-4 Skyhawks in the '50's.

One day last summer, he was walking around Front Royal airport looking for some information about the glider folks there and h...