Members Aircraft

Welcome to the Shenandoah EAA Chapter 1031 Members Aircraft Page. Below, you will find pictures of the aircraft belonging to our members.

If you're a member and would like your aircraft included on the page, be sure to contact the webmaster or mention it at our next meeting.

Juergen Nies' Pacer

Ralph and Laura Hoover's RV-7A

Ernie Benner's Bonanza A36

Dan Christian's Pilatus

John Ely's RV-7A

Kyle Wallace's C150 (Club Airplane)

Bob Lein's 1976 Grumman Tiger

Tom Parry's 1976 Cessna Cardinal

Jim Greer's Comanche

John Munroe's RV-6

Jim Thill's RV-8

Gary Schaffer's AeroTrek A-240

Tim Boan's Grumman Cheetah

Ron Hott's Rans S7

Paul Gainsback's Rans S7

Paul Kosubinsky’s 1982 PA-16 Piper Super Cub

Jeff Dunkle's 1946 Ercoupe 415-C

Marcus (Zeke) Zechini's 1940 Fairchild 24

Mary Ellen Brown-Hutchins 1964 C172E

Stan Kern's 1961 Mooney M20B

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