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11 March 2020 EAA Chapter 1031 Meeting Minutes

The February meeting of EAA Chapter 1031 was held at Winchester Airport at 7:00 PM on 12 Feb. 2020

Attendees: Marcus Zechini, Paul Gainsback, Gueorgui Klissourov, Charles Prince, Thomas Parry, John Munroe, Jim Greer, Kevin Cornwell, Charles Chapin, Kyle Wallace, Jim Thill, Juergen Nies, Tim Boan, Jeff Sharp, Ron Hott, David Ames.

The meeting commenced with a discussion of the current world news of the day, the Corona Virus - Covid 19. Precautions relating to its spread and the prospect of having next monthly meeting, or not were brought up.

The Chapter business of the month started with elections for Chapter officers. The following officers were elected:

  • President: John Munroe
  • Vice President: David Ames
  • Secretary: Tim Boan
  • Treasurer: Juergen Nies
  • Young Eagles Coordinator: Tim Boan
  • Web Editor: Kevin Cornwell
  • Technical Counselor: John Ely

Juegen reminded all of the next Fly-Out to Sky Bryce. The ski resort has a 2200' paved runway and is holding a Fly-In with their annual Winterfest.

Those interested in a fly-out to Sun 'N Fun were sad to hear that the event will be postponed.

Juergen did some General Aviation flying while in Europe and related the extremely high cost of Avgas. The Greek Island of Syros (sp?) seemed to be the worst. Converting the per Litre price to gallons came out to 30+ dollars per gallon. Ouch!

Juergen also reported the number of paid Chapter Members is now 36.

David Ames reported on a recent widow, whose husband built a Rotax-powered Pulsar and was trying to sell the aircraft. This started a conversation about the liability involved in selling a homebuilt aircraft. It was noted that there is a Liability Sale agreement on the EAA web site Link to the agreement here - Requires an EAA login

Kyle Wallace gave a report on the progress of his Van's RV-12 build.

Tim Boan related that there is a lot of work ahead of the June 12th Wings & Wheels event. He also reported that pilots were needed to fly Young Eagles Saturday. It could be done in time for any YE Pilot to still make the Bryce Fly-out.

Kevin Cornwell gave an update on his KitFox build. Progress has been slow due to taking on extra workload at his job, but plans to make the most of the time saved by working from home since the office is closing over COVID-19 concerns.

There was a discussion of regulations on logging/documenting your build. The "Kitlog" app/tool was discussed ( John Munroe shared his on-line kit log.

The Monthly EAA Chapter video was played.

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