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EAA Chapter 1031 meeting minutes November 13th, 2019

By: Dave Ames

The November meeting was held at the Winchester Airport and started at 7:00 PM. The following members attended the meeting: Bob Metcalfe, Dave Ames, Kevin Cornwell, Tim Boan, John Munroe, Tom Parry, Bob Lein, John Ely, M “Zeke” Zechini, Barbara (Barb) Boughton (New Member), Josh Ingram (New Member), Paul Gainsback (New Member), Eddie Carroll (New Member) and Guest: Richard Morris.

  • Dave Ames, Chapter President opened the meeting and had the new members introduce themselves and tell about their aviation background: Barb Boughton has a private pilot license and wants to get into flying autogiros, Eddie Carroll is a private pilot and is building a RV-7, Paul Gainsback is a private pilot and wants to join a club plane, maybe the L2, Josh Ingram is a private pilot and just wants to be around others who love to fly. Then all the other members introduced themselves and what they fly or are building.
  • Tim (our Chapter’s Young Eagle coordinator) provided a report about the status of the program. Tim flew 3 Young Eagles last week. Two were repeats. He is considering doing another press release to gather more participants. The Young Eagles link is on our Website. Tim also talked about the Ray Aviation Scholarship and what a great opportunity to get our members children or any child into flying. One of our new members mentioned he would like to get his son, who is 14 years old, one of these scholarships. Unfortunately, while listening to the November EAA Video they mentioned the Ray Scholarship and the age range of 16 to 19, so our member’s son will have to wait a few more years to apply.
  • John Ely sold his RV-12 and he flew it to its new home and Juergen picked him up and flew them home. Juergen was wearing his noise cancelling headsets while John had a regular set and while flying home John started noticing a strange noise coming from somewhere in the aircraft. Finally, the noise got so loud that even Juergen noticed and they started to investigate. They decided the engine was running fine and so proceeded to OKV and landed. That was when they discovered a piece of tape had separated from the seam and was flapping around making the noise. I assume when Juergen returns from his current trip he will be repairing that tape.
  • Then Dave Ames and Tim Boan discussed the next Wings & Wheels event. Dave and Tim attended the first planning meeting the previous week and date for the event is June 13, 2020. Please mark this date on your calendar, because all Chapter members will be expected to volunteer like last year. Nick Sabo, OKV airport manager, is going to expand the event with Aerial Demonstrations and more static displays of larger planes such as the DC-4 which participated in the Berlin Food Lift after WWII.
  • There was a discussion of a White Post picnic like two years ago and we want to have further discussions of this at the December meeting. It seems this event is more informal and personal for the members of our Chapter.
  • We then watched Juergen’s video of the New York Hudson River flight, especially for those new members, and told them that we hold the flight every year and even if they don’t fly along there are usually seats available in other aircraft.
  • We then watched the November monthly EAA Chapter video.

The rest of the evening was spent talking about airplanes and flying related subjects. Please monitor the calendar on our Webpage for upcoming events and the next meeting.

Fly safe, Tailwinds and enjoy the ride.

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