For Sale/Wanted

Items for Sale/Wanted

Steen Skybolt almost ready for cover Fuselage welded under the supervision of Steen Aero Lab by primary author of the Skybolt builders guide. Wings, I struts and sheet metal from previously flying Skybolt. Engine mount for Lycoming 540 (engine and prop not included), Cleveland wheels/brakes, flying wires, Christen inverted oil system, numerous used instruments and mis hardware. Located in Winchester, VA. $7500 or best offer.

Marcus Cooper 540-514-4419

Piper Cub Club (Backseat Flyers) Membership available This plane is fun to fly and a real piece of aviation history. It's in great shape, well cared for, and very affordable to fly. Plane availability is quite good as well. Hangered at KOKV.

LAK-X 2 Seat Light Experimental Project contact George 540-662-8160

  • Designed by Aeroplastika in Lithuania (LAK produces competition gliders)
  • Gross weight 1,345 lbs (1,320 lbs for LSA)
  • Empty weight 838 lbs
  • Fuel capacity 18.5 GAL
  • 2 side by side seating
  • Engine Continental O-200
  • Cruise Speed 130 MPH
  • Stall Speed 46.5 MPH
  • Rate of Climb 790 fpm
  • Airframe and Engine $20K
  • Airframe only $10K

Dan Christian has a Clarity Aloft headset for sale. It is only 6 months old and sells new for a little over $500. Asking $400 for it. Send him an E-mail to find out the details.

From Charlie Chapin: EAA 1031 members, I am selling my share in the Cessna 150 club based at KOKV. It's in good shape and very accessible. I am highly motivated to sell. If you or anyone you know is interested let me know.

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