Williamsburg, VA (KJGG) June, 15 2019

Williamsburg, VA (KJGG) June 15th, 2019 by Juergen Nies

We had a really good turnout at today's lunch fly out to Williamsburg. Six airplanes and eleven people participated. First to take off from OKV were Tom and Penny Parry in their Cessna Cardinal and probably Bob Jacobs and Ed Novak (Taylorcraft L-2) from White Post, VA. Shortly after Tom and Penny took off, Juergen and Kevin Cornwell (Piper Pacer) took off in the Pacer. Dan Christian and Kevin Philyaw (a friend of Kevin Cornwell) took off in Dan's Pilatus P-3 maybe five minutes behind the Pacer. Jim Lum and Bob Metcalfe left OKV sometime around 11:00 (in Jim's Piper Navajo) to meet us for lunch.

Tom, Dan and I communicated on 122.75 to give position and ride reports. We stayed at 5,500 feet and the ride was very smooth. Just as Kevin and I passed Fredericksburg Dan and Kevin caught up with us and we decided to do a little photo shoot of Dan's Pilatus. It was a lot of fun with master photographer Kevin shooting pictures and videos (I think we had a total of four photo/video cameras attached or inside of the Pacer). First I flew lead and Dan maneuvered around us for picture/video shots and then we switch roles with Dan flying lead and me maneuvering to take the shots.

Soon we descended into Williamsburg for a nice lunch. While we were sitting outside looking at the runway and judging every pilot's landing, Eric Woods landed in his C-152 and showed everyone how to do it right. There was a direct cross wind and with the wind coming over the trees alongside the runway, some of the landings were better than others, but Eric did really well.

We all had a good time during lunch talking airplanes, but soon it was time to hit home. Jim and Bob took off last in the Navajo, but still arrived before everyone else at Winchester. It was still pretty smooth with the exception of a couple of bumps. The forecast for the afternoon was for winds to pick up, but fortunately, it never happened. Sometimes we are just lucky.

I hope to see more of you at our next fly-out. Stay tuned.

Fly safe, Tailwinds and enjoy the ride!

Video of some of the flight with audio


Dan and Kevin in the Pilatus banking right


Shots of the Pilatus flying ahead of the Pacer


Formation flying with the Pacer


Kevin Philyaw and Kevin Cornwell with the Pilatus P-3 and Piper Pacer


Some additional photos provided by Eric Woods

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