White Post EAA 1031 Picnic - October 10th, 2020

EAA Chapter 1031 picnic at the White Post Airport on October 10th, 2020.

Message fromm the chapter president about the event:

Just wanted to pass along a huge "WELL DONE" to the organizers of our picnic yesterday, Mike and Zac Gingras! Thanks!! We had plenty of food and refreshments, desserts, salads, and all the supplies that make for a good picnic. Also a hearty well done to those who pitched in with BBQ's, tables, chairs, etc., namely, Tim and Linda Boan, Zeke and again, Mike and Zac. I'm sure several others should be mentioned as well. Tim manned the barbecue and managed to keep up with the demand for burgers...cooking everything perfectly from the two items I sampled. Thank you very much, everyone! And thanks to all who arrived with side dishes from home!

It was a beautiful afternoon to get together...the food was wonderful, we had three planes present, two of which flew in (Bob Metcalfe & Mack). I can't imagine a better venue for an EAA picnic. I think everyone did a great job of complying with the Covid guidelines of staying separated and wearing masks when not eating.

Can't wait to do this again sometime!

Below are some videos and pictures from the event:

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