White Post BBQ June 16th, 2018

White Post BBQ June 16th, 2018

By Juergen Nies

Instead of having our regular meeting this month Bob Jacobs, Markus "Zeke" Zechini and Bob Metcalfe volunteered to host a BBQ on Saturday June 16th at White Post airport. Zeke keeps his Pietenpol there and the three of them also have their Taylorcraft L-2 club airplane in a hangar there.

The day was very pleasant with just a few high clouds, calm winds, low humidity and temperatures in the mid. 80s. Bob Metcalfe flew his Luscombe in from Front Royal in formation with our guest Gary Schaffer who flew in with a brand new Aerotrek light sport aircraft and of course I flew my Pacer in from Winchester airport. Other Members attending were Tom Parry, Rick Shoup, Eleanor Zirkle, Jim Shipe and Tim Boan. Some of the members brought their wife, fiancé, friends and/or family. As Zeke said, the more the better.

Soon chef Bob Jacobs fired up the BBQ for the Hot Dogs and Hamburgers and everyone enjoyed the dishes that were brought in. The day went by quickly with airplane rides, fly bys and just having a good time. Perhaps we make this an annual event.

Big thank you to Bob, Bob and Zeke.

Bob and Gary fly-by

Bob's Luscombe and Gary's Aerotrek

Members, Family and Friends

Everyone having fun


Chef Bob

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