Sun & Fun 2019

2019 Sun & Fun April 2nd through 7th, 2018 by Juergen Nies

This year our Chapter had a total of five airplanes and eight members attending Sun & Fun:

Dan Christian (Pilatus), John Ely (RV-12) Carlos Torrealba (RV-14), Tom Parry and Bob Metcalfe (in Tom’s Cardinal), Juergen Nies (Piper Pacer), Charlie Chapin (via airline) and David Ames (via airline).

John Ely left Front Royal on Monday the 6th and made it to Lakeland on Tuesday when the fly-in opened. He decided to head back on Thursday morning since the weather kept getting worse towards the end of the week. He left LAL at 8:00 AM on Thursday just as Juergen was turning Westbound over Lake Parker. Tom and Bob made it into Sun & Fun on Wednesday and left early on Saturday to make it back before the weather turned too bad. Juergen and Dan decided to stay till Sunday and then just deal with the weather and if needed to fly part (or all) of the trip back to Winchester IFR.

The weather at Sun & Fun held up for the week for the airshow to be flown every day and for the night show on Saturday night. Of course, it is very easy to spend the whole week at Sun & Fun to soak everything in and look at all the different aircraft. This year’s big attraction was the twin Mustang. It was its first appearance at Sun & Fun since its restoration.

If you have never made it to Sun & Fun, you should plan to go at least once. Enjoy the pictures below and the link to the videos of Juergen’s flights to and from Sun & Fun.

Fly safe, Tailwinds and enjoy the ride.

YouTube Playlist of the trip


John leaving while Juergen is arriving at Sun & Fun


Twin Mustang


Dan in his Pilatus taxiing out to participate in the airshow


Our Chapter President Dave attending an EAA event


Saturday morning Balloon start

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