Shannon, VA (KEZF) January 26th, 2019

Shannon, VA (KEZF) January 26th, 2019 by Juergen Nies

Saturday the 26th finally turned out to be a good day to go flying. High clouds in the morning with broken to scattered clouds in the afternoon and very light to calm surface winds. The temperature on the surface was just around freezing, so overall not that bad. A total of six airplanes and eleven Chapter and lunch fly-out members participated. We also met Lloyd Perkins at Shannon who is based there. Carlos (in his newly finished RV-14A), John (RV-12) and Bob (Luscombe) flew out of Front Royal while Tom and Penny (Cessna Cardinal) and Juergen with Kevin and Charlie (Piper Pacer) flew out of Winchester. Just after we crossed the Casanova VOR we heard Kevin Bachand with Robin (Piper Tri-Pacer) on the radio. They are based at a strip just North of Leesburg and decided to take advantage of the nice weather and join us. Shannon was really busy when we arrived just about noon time. Of course eleven of us arriving almost at the same time provided a little bit of a challenge to the kitchen, but we were not in a hurry and had plenty to talk about. A great first fly-out of the year and lots of fly-outs to look forward to. John took a brief survey on who is going to Sun & Fun this year and by the sounds of it, our Chapter will be well represented. Hope to see all of you at our next meeting or fly-out. Fly safe, Tailwinds and enjoy the ride!


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