Nemacolin, PA January 11, 2004

Chapter 1031 Flyout Nemacolin, PA January 11, 2004 by Juergen Nies

January 11th marked the date for our first fly out for 2004. Bob Metcalfe called me on Saturday to let me know that he and Tom Garner would join the fly out. They expected to be at OKV at about 10:30 AM. The forecast looked OK so I was looking forward to a successful flight.

Sunday morning on the way to the airport I called Leesburg for my weather briefing and to my surprise the briefer informed me about current IFR conditions and a forecast for low ceilings starting at about 2:00 PM in the area of Nemacolin. Since I didn't see Tom or Bob when I arrived at the airport I made the assumption that they also received the same briefing and decided not to go. I pulled out the Pacer to flying anyway for a little bit.

After take off I called Bob Metcalfe on 122.75 MHz just to find out if he was out flying. To my surprise I found out that he and Tom (with their spouses) were also 20 miles close to Nemacolin. Bob reported good visibility and ceilings of at least 5,000 feet. So right away I pointed the Pacer towards Nemacolin to join them for lunch. I was hoping to catch up with them quickly, but flying at 4,500 feet my ground speed diminished to less than 80 knots. At least despite the strong winds coming over the mountains, the air was reasonably smooth.

Ten miles out I called Nemacolin security to receive my clearance to land at the private airstrip. When I taxied up to the parking spot beside Bob's RV I noticed the shuttle already waiting for me. This is a service I really enjoy especially when the temperature is below freezing.

I caught up with Tom, Susan, Bob and Patty just when they started to eat their desert. I wasn't that hungry, but I couldn't resist to sample at least the main course buffet. I can only say one word, delicious! For all of you who did not make it, you really missed out.

In the elegant dining room

Sue & Tom - soon to be flying a REAL airplane !

Patty with Bob's RV-6

Juergen and Pacer

After hitting the restroom we were back in the shuttle to go to our airplanes. The wind was still the same, but now we enjoyed a nice tailwind and at 5,000 feet the air was still smooth. Tom practiced his formation flying skills for a while keeping the Archer close to the Pacer so Bob could take the pictures. I think they turned out very nice. The flight home didn't take much more than 35 minutes with ground speeds at times over 135 knots.

Loose formation

Getting tighter

OK, that's better !

Having the Archer and Bob's RV right beside me also gave me a chance to check my airspeed indicator. Ever since I installed the wheel pants and the gap seals on the tail my airspeed indicates too high. I confirmed with Tom and Bob that when my airspeed indicated 119 knots, Bob and Tom only showed 112 knots. This confirmed my previous tests that my airspeed indicator is off by 7 to 8 knots at the high end. Nevertheless, even 112 knots indicated at 5,000 feet at about freezing temperature is not bad for a 150 HP four-seat rag-wing airplane.

Next month we will fly out to Latrobe. Keep track of our events on our Web-Page and join the fun.

Fly safely and mark the next fly outs in your calendar for you to participate.


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