Hudson River November 11th, 2018

Hudson River

November 11th, 2018 by Juergen Nies

After many times postponing the flight due to unfavorable weather, we were finally able to go. With the winds forecasted at Teterboro and Newark, NJ at 8 knots gusting 17, it was not an ideal day, but we decided to go for it. Tom and Penny Parry (Cessna Cardinal), John Munroe (RV-6) and I with Kevin Cornwell (Piper Pacer) met at the Winchester airport at 8:00 AM on this chilly Sunday morning to pre-flight the airplanes. Unfortunately, when it was time to leave, John could not get his RV-6 to fire up. Since he is faster than Tom and me, we decided to go ahead, and he would catch up with us.

After taking off we climbed to 5,500 feet for a smooth ride and nice tailwind while talking on 122.75. As we passed Philadelphia, we were wondering why we have not heard from John and assumed the RV-6 was just not cooperating. Soon we approached EMPYR intersection, so it was time to descent to 1,100 feet for the corridor altitude. Flying up Verrazano beach Tom passed me and positioned himself for the photo mission. The view at Manhattan when crossing over Verrazano bridge was as breathtaking as usual. Perhaps because of the wind the traffic in the corridor was unusual light, even though the bumps were not that bad. I was doing the flying to stay in position to the Cardinal while Kevin had his video camera rolling and was shooting pictures with his Canon DSRL camera. The sky was clear, and visibility was good, a good day to take in the scenery not only around New York City, but also North of George Washington Bridge along the cliffs of the river. The foliage on the trees was past its peak, but still very pretty to look at.

As we exited the corridor on the South end and switch from the corridor frequency back to 122.75, we heard John as he was about 60 Miles south of Central Jersey Airport (47N), our refueling and lunch spot. After getting his RV-6 going he decided to meet with us for lunch. He will fly the corridor in a couple of weeks with his wife. After eating lunch at the Italian restaurant at the end of the runway we climbed back into the airplanes and headed back home. Kevin took the opportunity to catch a ride in the RV-6 on the way home. Tom and I took off first with John and Kevin following us after getting some fuel. By the way, the fuel was $0.85 per Gallon less than in Winchester, so filled up all the tanks on the Pacer and took off with 58 Gallon of fuel on board. By the time we reached Lancaster, PA John was passing us and made it to Winchester first.

Another nice Hudson flight even though not ideal because of the wind in the corridor. But as Tom said, if we keep waiting for the perfect day, the flight may not happen this year. I hope next year more of our members will join the fun.

Here is a video of the flight with audio

Here are some Pictures of the Cardinal flying up the Hudson

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