Hudson River night flight November 5th, 2016

Hudson River night flight November 5th, 2016

by Juergen Nies

I had it on my list for a long time to fly the Hudson River New York City Corridor at night. I have done the Hudson Corridor during the day about five or six times and I never get tired of it. Actually, I have planned a day trip for our Chapter in two weeks (on the 19th), so I hope some of our chapter members who have never done it before will join. We never know how much longer we have the privilege to fly our airplanes this close to a major City.

Dave Ames and I left Winchester at about 2:00 PM and made it to Central Jersey airport (47N) before 4:00 PM to fuel up, get a bite to eat and wait for the sun to set. The weather all day was clear with unlimited visibility and light surface winds. Even though the winds at altitude were anywhere between 15 to 35 knots the ride was very smooth. While waiting for the darkness to arrive we met a couple at 47N who live close by the airport in Jersey, but have a retirement home in Front Royal. They have a blue Piper Cub in Front Royal and know the "Luscombe Guy" Bob Metcalfe. We gave him our Web-Page link and we think we may have a future Chapter member.

We took off from 47N at about 6:15 PM and navigated our way over to Verrazano Beach. Initially I followed the GPS in the panel and my I-Pad, but as soon as I identified the water by the beach it was easy to just navigate by "eyes outside". The traffic in the corridor was light and the view was just astonishing. It was almost overwhelming to look at the beauty of the Big Apple at night with all the buildings lid up and the traffic in the City everywhere. Unfortunately, even though we used my Canon DSLR camera, the pictures did not turn out as well as I had hoped for. The next time I fly the corridor at night I will first purchase a better lens for the purpose to shoot pictures at night of stationary objects while moving at 100 knots.

The flight home was equally nice with a 10 knot headwind until we got past Philadelphia where the headwind was getting less and less. We landed back in Winchester at 9:15 PM with a great experience under the belt. I hope some of you will join when I do this again.

Verrazano Bridge ahead

Lower Manhattan with the World Trade Center

Following the River

The Big Apple

The Intrepid

The World Trade Center going South

I hope some more of you can make it the next time.

Make sure you look at the Upcoming Events schedule on this site for the next fly out.

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