Hudson River Fly-out October31st, 2015

Hudson River Fly-out October31st, 2015

by Juergen Nies

Saturday October 31st was the day for our flight to New York to fly the Hudson River VFR corridor. I have done the trip many times before, but it has been since 2010 when the new World Trade Center was just Ground Zero. For this fly-out it was only Dan Christian in his Aviat and me in the Pacer. The plan was for me to take off around 10:00 AM and Dan would give me about 15 to 20 minutes before he would take off. With the winds aloft and the different true airspeeds of our airplanes this would get us to “Empire” intersection just south of the Hudson River bay at about the same time.

The plan worked out very well, the winds aloft were actually a little stronger (tailwind, but smooth) than forecasted and Dan caught up to me just in time to join up for the Hudson flight. As we dropped down to 1,100 feet flying up Verrazano beach he slowed down and followed me in trail. I also slowed down to 100 kts. Indicated as we crossed Verrazano Bridge to have more time to enjoy the scenery.

Flying up Verrazano Beach with a look at lower Manhattan

Crossing Verrazano Bridge

The visibility was excellent and there was no wind at the lower level so we didn’t experience any turbulence flying past Manhattan. The new World Trade center is an impressive building, especially when you fly past it and the top is way above your altitude.

Lower Manhattan with the new World Trade Center

We enjoyed a good view of New York and of course reported each mandatory reporting point along the way so other traffic knew where we were. We choose to fly the transient corridor which is the altitude between 1,000 and 1,299 feet above the river. In this corridor you are not allowed to make turns or fly circles. You are supposed to fly the whole length of the corridor, but it keeps you out of all the busy tour operator and sightseeing traffic using the altitude from ground (water) to 999 feet. Soon we exited the North end of the corridor and we turned around to fly the corridor back down to Verrazano Bridge.

Alpine Tower, the northern reporting point

George Washington Bridge going south

The Intrepid aircraft carrier

The Lady

Verrazano Bridge leaving the corridor

After we were done flying the corridor we landed at Central Jersey airport just south of the New York Class B airspace. There is an Italian restaurant right at the end of the runway for some lunch and to take a first look at the pictures we took. For Dan this flight was the beginning of a week’s long vacation and after we were done he started his trip to fly his Aviat out to Arizona while I just fueled up (the gas was almost $1 less than in Winchester, so I filled up all 58 Gallon) and flew home. To my surprise the winds aloft had diminished since the morning and I only had a very slight headwind. What a perfect day.

I hope some more of you can make it when we do this trip the next time.

Make sure you look at the Upcoming Events schedule on this site for the next fly out.

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