After postponing the flight of the Hudson River several times for either weather or scheduling reasons we finally were able to go on Sunday November the 12th. John Ely and his son Jonathan (in John’s RV-12), Tom and Penny Parry (in their Cessna Cardinal) and Juergen Nies with Bob Lein (in Juergen’s Pacer) met at Carroll County airport for a last re-fueling and briefing.

We took off just after 10:00 AM, climbed to 5,500 feet and enjoyed the smooth ride. The visibility was good, but not good enough to clearly see Philadelphia downtown when we passed by. We had to start our descent a little earlier than anticipated because of a cloud bank hovering just South of the Hudson River Bay, but as soon as we headed out over the water to fly up Verrazano Beach it was all clear again. Crossing the VZ Bridge and heading up the Hudson River is always the moment when it starts to take your breath away. Soon Manhattan comes close and a clear view up the East River presents the Brooklyn Bridge. Navigation is easy by just staying over the River on the East side going North and West side going South. We flew in loose trail of each other with John occasionally getting a little closer to the Pacer to take a video and pictures. Soon we reached the Northern end by the Tapansey Bridge and turned around for the southbound leg. Traffic was light both ways with a few aircraft coming opposing direction and the chatter on the radio was not too bad either. Soon we reached the Statue of Liberty and then the VZ Bridge again to exit the corridor.

Next on the agenda was to land at Central Jersey airport for fuel and lunch at the Italian Restaurant located right at the end of the runway. After the airplanes were fueled we walked to the restaurant for a nice meal and to preview some of the pictures and videos from the flight. Soon it was time to head back home and after a very enjoyable flight (again very smooth) we all landed back home.

I hope next time more of you can join this trip. You will not regret it.

Over Verrazano Beach coming up on the bridge to enter the Hudson River

View up the East River

The Pacer coming up on lower Manhattan

World Trade Center


Docks by Manhattan

Full view of the Entrepid

Central Park

Cliffs of the Hudson River

Goldman Sachs building with "the clock"

Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty "the Lady"

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