Fly-out to Sentimental Journey at Lock Haven, PA June 24th, 2017

Fly-out to Sentimental Journey at Lock Haven, PA June 24th, 2017

by Juergen Nies

The weather all weak was questionable with chance of pop up thunder storms in the afternoon. Just Friday night a front moved through so we were hoping for it to be clear on Saturday and it turned out to be OK. David Ames and I met at the airport at about 9:00 AM to get the Pacer ready. Bob Metcalfe flew up from Front Royal in his Taylorcraft L-2 to meet us and to pick up Tom Parry who flew with him to find out how it feels like to go low and slow. Jim Lum was leaving his house to come to the airport by the time we took off. He flew the Navajo to LHV (he still made it before all of us).

Dave and I decided to stay with Bob and Tom on the way to LHV. We pretty much flew the whole way between 1,600 and 3,000 feet which kept us well below the clouds. We had a little bit of a headwind, but it wasn't too bumpy after all. One thing I didn't like staying with the L-2 was that the Pacer was so far out of (rudder) trim that I had to hold the right rudder the whole time. Most of the time our groundspeed was between 75 and 80 knots. We hoped Bob can make it to LHV without stopping for fuel, but with the headwind he decided to stop about 35 miles short to get some gas. Dave and I flew ahead to wait for them at LHV. Just when we were about 10 miles from LHV I noticed Jim's Navajo's tail number on my I-Pad and within minutes Dave spotted him passing us on our right. We shared the traffic pattern for a brief moment when Jim landed on RWY 27R (paved) while we were setting up to land on 27L (grass).

We all met after Bob and Tom arrived and headed for the food court. After lunch we walked around to look at various airplanes. There were not that many this year. Sentimental Journey starts Tuesday and goes through Saturday and many aircraft had left on Thursday already since they had some strong thunderstorms come through the area on Friday. Nevertheless, there were still plenty to look at and there is always something special (look at the pictures below).

Soon it was time to leave for home. Dave and I decided to fly the Pacer at normal cruise setting leaving Bob and Tom to follow behind (sorry Bob). Dave and I cruised at 4,500 feet just under some broken clouds with very few bumps. We made it home in just about one hour for another great fly out. Jim entered the downwind at OKV just as Dave and I were on short final for RWY 32. I stayed at the hangar to do a little clean up and just when I was ready to leave noticed the Taylorcraft landing at OKV. Looks like Bob and Tom made it back without stopping for fuel somewhere. I hope some more of you can join next time. Keep monitoring our Web-Site and come to the monthly meetings to find out about the next fly out.

Bob and Tom cruising along in the L2

Piper L4

Piper L4

Piper L4

Some big tires on a Super Cub

Fly by

Early model Stearman taking off

Bob and Tom landing at Sentimental Journey

Taxi to parking

Make sure the line up is good

Pacer and L2

Ready for some food

What is this on top of the rudder of the Piper L4? (If you don't know, come to the next meeting and I will explain)

Another part of the "what is this".

One more part of the "what is this on the Piper L4. By now you may have figured it out.

Come and join our fly-outs by monitoring this Web-Site or attending our monthly meetings.

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