Fly-out to Lock Haven, PA (LHV) June 25th, 2016

Fly-out to Lock Haven, PA (LHV) June 25th, 2016

by Juergen Nies

The weather forecast was good all week to fly to Lock Haven, PA to attend the Sentimental Journey 2016. However, Saturday morning greeted us with clouds and low ceilings. John Ely in his RV-12, Bob Metcalfe and Jim Lum had planned to fly the L-2 and Bob Jacobs and I in the Pacer. John did manage to fly to OKV to meet us at 9:00 AM, but Bob Metcalfe decided to wait a little longer before flying the L-2 from FRR to OKV. While we were waiting Jim stopped by, he had filed an IFR flight plan for his Navajo as a backup for the L-2. At the end it turned out Jim and Bob would fly in the Navajo.

John, Bob J. and I waited till almost 10:00 AM for the ceilings to lift enough and we took off. The ride was smooth under the clouds as we worked our way up to Hagerstown. We knew the weather at the destination was good so as soon as there was a hole large enough in the clouds we went on top and cruised along at 5,500 feet. Soon we came close to LHV to descend to traffic pattern altitude to set up for the landing.

Even though quite a few airplanes must had left already there was still plenty to look at. Just as we started to look around the Navajo landed and soon we all headed for lunch. After lunch it was some more looking at airplanes and also watching some take offs and fly-bys. Not before long John, Bob J. and I took off for the flight home. We stayed below the clouds the whole way and despite the temperature the ride was not bumpy at all. Of course, even though Jim and Bob M. took off quite some time after us it didn't take the Navajo long before passing us.

It was a very nice fly out again and I hope we will see more of you the next time. Keep monitoring the "Upcoming Events" Tab on our Web-Page.

John in his RV-12 on the Pacer's wing on top

Jim and Bob M. arriving in the Navajo

At Lunch

Watching a Davis Monoplane take off

Davis Monoplane flying by

Formation fly by

Smoking Cub

Super Cub set up for the back country

I hope some more of you can make it the next time.

Make sure you look at the Upcoming Events schedule on this site for the next fly out.

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