Fly-out to Cumberland, MD (KCBE) July 9th, 2017

Fly-out to Cumberland, MD (KCBE) July 9th, 2017

by Juergen Nies

Sunday July 9th was our fly out to Cumberland (KCBE). We had beautiful weather (for early July) with no Thunderstorms in the forecast and only light surface winds and good visibility all day. The chatter on the radio all day was an indication that a lot of pilots were out taking advantage of the nice weather.

This fly-out had the most attendance we had in a very long time. Here is the list:

Jim Lum and Tom Parry in Jim’s Citabria John Ely in his RV-12 Marcus “Zeke” Zechini and his wife Bess in his Pitenpol Jim Greer in his Comanche Bob Metcalfe and Bob Jacobs in Bob M’s Luscombe Vas Majer in his Tri-Pacer Allen Whatley and Lucy Ooi in their 1958 Belanca Juergen Nies and David Ames in Juergen’s Pacer A total of eight airplanes and thirteen attendees. We pretty much owned the ramp in front of the restaurant. There was one Cessna 172 when we parked our airplanes and one helicopter when we left, but other than that it was just us.

I expected the restaurant to be slow with all of us arriving at the same time, but they managed well to feed all of us. Of course, there is always so much to talk about, so time goes by quick. After lunch, we all gathered at the ramp to look at the variety of airplanes. Zeke and Bess took off first to fly back to White Post since they were the slowest of the airplanes attending, but what is better than flying an open cockpit airplane low and slow on a nice summer day?

Group at Lunch

Group at Lunch

RV-12, Piper Pacer and 1958 Belanca

Pietenpol, Citabria, Luscombe and Tri-Pacer

Piper Comanche

I hope to see many more of you at future fly-outs. Keep monitoring our Web-Site or come to our meetings for future events Upcoming Events.

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