Fly-out to Canaan Valley, WV (WV62) August 13th, 2017

Fly-out to Canaan Valley, WV (WV62) August 13th, 2017

by Juergen Nies

Sunday August the 13th turned out to be a very nice day to go flying. Light winds, scattered clouds, only light turbulence, and great visibility. John Ely flew his RV-12 from Front Royal to Winchester to meet Tom Parry (flying his Cessna Cardinal) and me (flying my Piper Pacer). After chatting for a while we decided to fire up the engines and go flying.

The distance of 60 NM went by quickly and we arrived over the valley. The power plant at Mt. Storm showed light wind from the North but the wind sock by the runway didn’t show much movement at all. Since it was three of us coming in we decided to use RWY 06. The parking area is on the approach end of RWY 24, so we just rolled out to the end of the runway to park the airplanes. It was a short walk to the restaurant which gave us some time to look at some of the properties by the runway. Quite a few of them are for sale, if anyone wants a vacation/weekend get away with a runway attached to it.

Tom taxiing in for parking

Airplane parking area

View from the Restaurant to the parking area

After lunch, we walked back to the airplanes to prepare for takeoff. The wind was still the same, so we departed on RWY 24 to avoid back taxing. The airport is at an elevation of 3,200 feet MSL, by the time we crossed the ridge to the East we were at 5,500 feet. The flight home was as enjoyable as the flight in the morning. Tom and I headed back to Winchester while John aimed straight for Front Royal.

Another nice fly out. However, we did find out (Jim Lum did the research for us) that the airport is no longer a part of the Windwood Resort and to land at the airport permission is needed from the HOA/Airport owner. I had called the Resort on Saturday to make sure the restaurant is open on Sunday and to let them know we will be using the airport. The Lady I talked to confirmed that the restaurant is open on Sunday’s till 2:00 PM for lunch and told me it is OK to fly in. She did not mention anything about the requirement to ask the HOA/Airport owner for permission. The Windwood Resort’s Web-Page still has the airport listed and gives the impression that it is a part of the resort. Well, next time we know better what to do.

I hope to see many more of you at future fly-outs. Keep monitoring our Web-Site or come to our meetings for future events.

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