Fly-out/Drive out to New Market (8W2) April 2nd, 2016

Fly-out/Drive out to New Market (8W2) April 2nd, 2016

by Juergen Nies

We went to New Market to listen to Bob Coolbaugh's presentation about building and flying a Curtis Pusher replica and to take a tour of his hangar with very interesting airplanes and projects in it. We all ended up driving since it was raining when we left Winchester and the forecast called for winds close to 30 knots for early afternoon.

We started off with Bob's presentation about the Curtis Pusher (the first airplane to take off from a ship). It was extremely interesting to listen to Bob to find out what it takes to undergo such a project and then to fly an airplane like that.

After the presentation we had burgers and hotdogs for lunch and plenty of hangar flying for desert. Then we made our way over to Bob's hangar to look at all the great stuff he has. His (number one) project is rebuilding a Viking B-8 Kittyhawk ( ).

This was definitely one of our best fly-out/drive-outs we had in a long time with one of the best participation. Keep monitoring our upcoming events schedule for more Chapter activities.

Curtis Pusher presentation by Bob Coolbaugh

Watching the presentation

Watching the presentation

Soon it was time to fire up the BBQ and have lunch. Thank you to Dave Ames (our Chapter President) who donated the lunch.

Lunch time

On the way to Bob's hangar we stopped at this hangar to check out these airplanes

A hangar on the way to Bob's hangar

A Korben Model D and a Fly Baby

Korben Model D

Fly Baby

Korben Model D

Korben Model D

Then we arrived at Bob's hangar with enough projects to last a lifetime.

Ford Model A "Woody"

Bob's hangar


A Citroen waiting restauration

Monocoupe (Bob was doing the annual on it)



Floats from the Kittyhawk Bob is rebuilding

Another Monocoupe fuselage on the right and the Kittyhawk fuselage on the left

Newly build Kittyhawk wings (outstanding workmanship)

Kittyhawk fuselage

Kittyhawk wings

Kittyhawk instrument panel in rear cockpit

Radio and X-ponder beside pilot seat in the Kittyhawk

Leather flight map holders

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