Cumberland (CBE) May 29th, 2016

Cumberland (CBE) May 29th, 2016

by Juergen Nies

David Ames and I met at OKV to fly out to Cumberland for the pancake breakfast. Just as I was performing the preflight on the Pacer I heard an airplane taxi in between the hangars. It was John Ely in his RV-12. We checked the weather once more before we climbed into the airplanes and to our surprise the AWOS in Cumberland was reporting IFR conditions. Just about 30 minutes earlier it was marginal VFR with clear skies and 5 miles visibility. When I called the AWOS in Cumberland it was reporting ceiling and visibility missing. We really didn't know what to think about it for a while. We decided to take off to take a closer look and if it was really bad we would turn around and have breakfast in Frederick.

We took off and climbed in formation to 4,500 feet with John flying on my wing. The air was very smooth and the visibility really not that bad. The closer we came to Cumberland the AWOS kept reporting improving conditions and by the time we started our descent to pattern altitude the visibility was 7 miles with clear sky.

After we parked the airplanes it was time for coffee and pancakes. While we were eating quite a few airplanes arrived. After breakfast we walked around and soon it was time to fly home.

John in his RV-12 on the Pacer's wing (not too close yet)

Airplanes are secured, ready for coffee and pancakes

Finally there

"Taildraggers only" parking to the left of the Pacer

Must have been "fly your taildragger today" event

And some morse taildraggers. It's not too often you attend a fly-out and there are more taildragger than nose draggers.

I hope some more of you can make it the next time.

Make sure you look at the Upcoming Events schedule on this site for the next fly out.

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