Cumberland August 25th, 2019 by Juergen Nies

John Ely through out the idea to attend the Pancake Breakfast at Cumberland, MD on Sunday August the 25th. The weather forecast was nice with temperatures in the 70s, light winds, scattered clouds and good visibility. Tom and Penny (Cessna Cardinal) and I (Piper Pacer) took off from Winchester to be at CBE about 9:00 AM. Shortly after taking off we connected with John Ely and Kevin Cornwell in John’s RV-12 out of Front Royal. The flight to Cumberland was only about 30 minutes and soon we landed to get some Pancakes, Sausages and French Toast.

While we enjoyed our food Carlos and his son Andy joined us. They flew out of Front Royal in their RV-14A. Ralph and Laura Hoover (out of Warrenton in their RV-7A) also joined the fun when some of us were just finishing our breakfast to walk around to look at airplanes. There were quite a few of them in attendance and still coming in by the time we were leaving.

Shortly after taking off we heard Bob Metcalfe on the radio. He couldn’t leave earlier in the morning, but still wanted to enjoy the great flying weather and get some food. We could see him clearly on our electronic flight displays since he had just installed ABS-B out equipment.

Come fly with us, sometimes you may even be lucky! A couple days after the fly-out, Tom got a call from Cumberland’s EAA Chapter 426 that he had won the 50-50 raffle. Congratulations Tom! Another great fly-out and I hope more of you can join the next time. Stay tuned for future fly-out destinations.

Fly safe, Tailwinds and enjoy the ride.

Video of the flight with audio

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