Culpeper Nieuport 28 October 7th, 2018

Culpeper Nieuport 28

October 7th, 2018 by Juergen Nies

As always, the weather can throw a curveball anytime when you want to fly small general aviation airplanes. Our plan was to meet at the airport in Winchester at 9:00 AM to be at Culpeper by 10:00 AM. Sunday morning the weather in Winchester was nice, but Culpeper was IFR with low ceiling and visibility in Mist. I E-mailed everyone and pushed the departure time out by one hour. Bob Metcalfe called me to let me know he was out. He had to be somewhere early afternoon and the delay was pushing him too close.

Tim Boan, John Munroe, Tom Parry, Kyle Wallace and I met at my hangar and waited for the Mist to clear at Culpeper. By 11:20 the IFR condition persisted at CJR with a forecast to clear in about one hour. We decided to may as well grab some lunch while waiting. Sure enough, after we came back from lunch Culpeper was reporting 10 Miles visibility and 1,600-foot scattered clouds. I managed to get off the ground first in the Pacer and Tom and Kyle in the Cardinal and John and Tim in the RV-6 followed soon. All was clear until crossing the ridge to the East and then there was a low solid undercast. I first thought about getting below it, but I don’t like it much to fly close to the ground under a solid cloud layer. I was able to listen to Culpeper AWOS and it still reported 1,600 feet scattered, so I stayed on top. I reported on 122.75 to the others and flew on. Sure enough, when I was 8.5 Miles out the clouds ended, and it was all clear going in.

First after landing two of us got fuel since it was $0.60 a Gallon cheaper than Winchester. Then we walked into the hangar where we met with Mike and Bill as they were working on the Nieuport 28. Even though the airplane is a kit (, Bill and Mike explained (and showed us “the plans”) there are very few dimensions, comments and explanations available to build it. For example, Bill showed us the drawings for the bulkheads in the fuselage, but other than that there are five (I believe) bulkheads, there are no dimensions, material specifications, or locations specified. Bill and Mike made a lot of modification which include changing the airfoil to a Clark Y design, adding brakes (the kit does not provide any brakes), how the ailerons attach to the wing and many, many others. They are using the 150 HP Rotec radial engine for the powerplant for reliability reason. Mike also showed us a 3D printed “Machinegun” that will be mounted on the airplane with a sound system to replicate firing bullets. I hope all of us will see this airplane in action and listen to a strafing run.

Tom and Kyle in the Cardinal

John and Tim in the RV-6

Looking at the Rotc Engine


Seat made like the original with Copper Rivets

Mike and Tim

Spoke wire wheel

Cable activated brakes and suspension system (no bungees yet)

Mike explainig something about the tail section

Control Cable routing

Looks like a real Airplane already

Bottom of top wing and Wing Strut

3D printed Machinegun

After all a very nice flyout. I hope we see more of you the next time. Keep monitoring our "Upcoming Events"

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