AOPA Wings and Wheels May 5th, 2018

AOPA Wings and Wheels May 5th, 2018

By Juergen Nies

The weather for this fly-out looked questionable earlier in the week with 100% chance of rain in the forecast. We just didn’t know what the visibility and ceiling would look like. By Thursday afternoon the forecast started to improve with the possibility of showers, but good visibility and high ceilings until late afternoon. Our new Chapter member Tim Boan flew his Gruman Cheetah (but he went early and also returned early so we didn’t have a chance to meet in Frederick), Zeke showed up in the Taylorcraft L-2, Charlie Chapin flew his C-150 and Dan Christian flew with me in the Pacer (Dan’s Pilatus is undergoing its annual).

Dan and I left OKV just before 10:00 AM for the short flight and at 3,500 feet it was smooth with good visibility, but with a 17 know headwind. Traffic was light at FDK (Maybe the forecast kept some Pilots from attending) and the tower directed us straight to a left base for RWY 05. Right after we parked the Pacer Charlie walked up to us and the three of us started to explore the airplanes on display. Dan met one of his friends who had a French Military trainer (Epsilon) on display and checked it out in detail. Charlie and I kept on going. While we were in line to get some lunch Zeke called me to meet up with us and join for lunch.

We went on looking at more cars, Motorcycles and airplanes. There were definitely more cars to look at than airplanes, but still a good selection of everything. The whole time we were at Frederick the most we got were a couple of sprinkles, but ForeFlight showed rain pretty much all the way between Frederick and Winchester. Charlie and Zeke decided to hit back, while I met up with Dan again to look around a little more.

By the time we hit back to Winchester ForeFlight still showed solid green all the way, but we only hit a couple of light rain showers and the ceiling and visibility was still solid VFR. Overall another nice fly-out. I hope to see some more of you next time.

Dan checking out a new toy?

Charlie talking airplanes

Lots of cars

More cars

Nice Morgan

Nice Morgan

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