2022-02-20 Flyout to Lancaster, PA By: Juergen Nies

On Sunday February 20th the wind finally calmed down, the sky was blue, and visibility was endless, although the temperature (especially at altitude) was still a bit chilly. Unfortunately, many of our Chapter members couldn’t make it, but Jeff Dunkle (in his Ercoupe) and me (in the Pacer) enjoyed the nice flying day to have lunch at Fiorentinos restaurant in Lancaster, PA.

Cruising at 5,500 feet the air was very smooth, and we enjoyed a nice tailwind. The pattern at LNS was a bit busy, but the tower controller did (as usual) a great job to keep everyone separated and got us safely on the ground. After a nice lunch and great lunch conversation it was time to get back home. Anticipating a head wind, Jeff decided to fill up the Ercoupe to make sure he can make it back to New Market, VA. As anticipated, at 4,500 feet I encountered a stiff 25 knots headwind, so it was a little slower to get back home. But who cares when you are cruising along in smooth air, listen to music and enjoy the nice view.

We hope to see many of you at the next flyout.

Chapter airplanes on the ramp

Enjoying the Company

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