Shenandoah EAA Chapter 1031

Winchester, VA (OKV)

Items for Sale/Wanted

New uAvionix tailBeacon Bought to use until more expensive solution installed, but found transponder is INOP. They are $2099 new. Make a reasonable offer.
Zeke at:

Welcome to the Shenandoah EAA Chapter 1031 Members Aircraft Page. Below, you will find pictures of the aircraft belonging to our members.

If you're a member and would like your aircraft included on the page, be sure to contact the webmaster or mention it at our next meeting.**

Juergen Nies' Pa...

Our Chapter President (CFII) holds monthly IMC Club meetings via Zoom. These are very popular with our members. Below is a sample meeting presentation/agenda he uses. Check the "upcoming events tab about the next meeting.

Our Chapter gathers every second Wednesday of the month to have fun, talk aviation and to share ideas to make our Chapter even better. When the weather is favorable we meet at the White Post aerodrome, a small idyllic airstrip in the town of White Post, just east of Winchester. Other times we meet a...

Over the years, our members have build and/or restored many airplanes (our own Vice President is even building a helicopter). Even though not all of the builders/restorers submit reports, below are some interesting articles about aircraft building and restoring. Of course, one of our Chapter members...